Restaurante da Adraga, Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal

Food: The finest, freshest fish and seafood in a stunning setting right on the beach! You can choose your very own whole fish (and know deep in your food soul it is the freshest possible) for them to grill up for you. Great options are "robalo grelhado" (grilled sea bass) or "dorada grelhado" (grilled sea bream) Try the "sopa de peixe" (fish soup) to start. It is amazing. Or the peel and eat "camarao" (shrimp). Fish is served with steamed potatoes and a really nice green salad with tomatoes, onions, and roasted green peppers in a simple vinaigrette. The "merengue de morango" (meringue with strawberries) is a fab dessert. 

Wine: Excellent list of whites and reds that highlight some of the best producers from regions across Portugal.  Douro, Dao, Verde/Minho, Alentejo and Lisbon area are all well-represented. 

My take: Highest recommendation! This is one of my favorite places in the world! Family-owned for 4 generations with service like you are family too. To go for lunch and then nap on the beach "Praia da Adraga" afterward is an unforgettable experience. Be sure to reserve and ask for a seat near the window ("janela") to eat incredible grilled fish, sip crisp white wine and stare at the waves and people posing for photos in this magical, remote-feeling setting (but only one-hour drive from Lisbon with the last half on beautiful roads). More on Restaurante da Adraga

Bar Entretanto (rooftop bar), Hotel do Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

[Food: They are a restaurant too, but I haven't eaten there.]

Wine: Full-bar menu with a wine list of good producers from the main wine regions of Portugal plus SAGRES on tap-YUM!

My take: A favorite for sunset drinks. Trendy. Scene is locals plus tourists. A little pricey for the view and because it is a hotel...More on Bar Entretanto.


Noobai Cafe, Lisbon, Portugal

My take: This is one of my coffee/light breakfast go-tos. A beautiful spot on the Santa Catarina Miradouro (belvedere) to sit in the morning light and enjoy the view with toast and coffee. It is also a good spot for a sunset drink or a nightcap! More on Noobai