Esplanada Cafe do Principe Real, Lisbon, Portugal

Food: A favorite breakfast spot! Also decent salads, inexpensive sandwiches and crostini plus entrees that are an overview of Portuguese cuisine (from pregos to bacalhau). 

Wine: I always drink beer here. Cold and in big pints. And good coffee. Plus lots of spirits if that is your thing.

My take: This is a beautiful setting. A glass building in the Principe Real park on top of the "hill' above Bairro Alto. You can sit in the glass building (to feel like you're outside if it is raining) or outside under the gorgeous trees. I love it for breakfast. Tips: 1. You have to be persistent (in a friendly way) with the servers. 2. There are pigeons in the park and they will try to get your food if you don't make it clear it's yours and not theirs. 3. If you get the burger/steak and don't want it rare, you must tell the server. More about Esplanada Cafe do Principe Real.